You Can’t Have One Without The Other

You cannot have privacy without security. Without security, no matter how careful you are with how you give access to your personal information, your private personal information will not stay private.

Communication on the Internet is like sending and receiving postcards.  It is not very secure nor private.  This is why you must take steps to secure your information.  You should encrypt your information on the Internet. Many people mistakenly think that if their wi-fi connection is encrypted, then they are protected. These people are mistaken!

Encrypting wi-fi is only one part of the path your information takes across the Internet to its destination.  Also, if other people are using the same encryption key (password) anyone else on the wifi can see the data as it is transmitted,  This happens most often in airports or coffee shops.

The most practical way to encrypt your communication from end to end is a virtual private network (VPN). The technical way a VPN works is not important for our discussion. If you are connecting to work from home, the VPN should be provided by your employer. If you need your own personal VPN, there are many providers available.  I recommend VPN Unlimited .

Here are some recommendations to secure your communication over the Internet. Learn to recognize encryption technologies and use them whenever you can. Make sure your knowledge of encryption stays up to date.  Of course, you can always ask us here at Geeks On The Go (702-460-0705).  In short: keep passwords, PINS and private keys secret, tell no one; never use public WiFi without a VPN.

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