Three People Can Keep A Secret If Two Of Them Are Dead

This adage is as true today as it was in Benjamin Franklin’s time and it is equally true for electronic and nonelectronic communication.  There is no way to make people (or companies) respect privacy.  People love to repost, retweet, share, and tag. Privacy policies on websites are constantly changing. Data that has been deleted may … Read more

You Can’t Have One Without The Other

You cannot have privacy without security. Without security, no matter how careful you are with how you give access to your personal information, your private personal information will not stay private. Communication on the Internet is like sending and receiving postcards.  It is not very secure nor private.  This is why you must take steps … Read more

What Are You Worth?

Information about you is valuable.  Someone is going to use information about you. The ways your information is used may be innocuous or just mildly annoying, for example to tailor which online ads you see, but in the worst-case scenario, digital information can be used against you. Data from cell phones, email accounts, computer hard … Read more